Solar Suppliers and Manufacturers

As solar suppliers and manufacturers, you strive to fulfill your customers' solar equipment needs. You continuously look for new buyers to connect with in order to remain competitive and increase your market share. You seek ways to leverage your brand and build rapport.

Make EnergyBin your competitive advantage:

  • Connect with new buyers who are ready to deal.
  • List inventory for sale, and make your company name stand out.
  • Network with solar brokers who are looking for opportunities to represent your product lines for sale.
  • Search for the best solar equipment deals and hard-to-find replacement parts for your customers.
  • Gain insights on real-time pricing, supply and demand of your products and your competitors' products.

Buyers on EnergyBin are looking for wholesale solar panels, inverters, micro-inverters, racking, trackers, BOS systems, energy monitoring systems, storage batteries and more for their solar project needs.

Join EnergyBin to connect with new buyers who are ready to deal.

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Case Study: ATEN Solar

Solar Supplier leverages EnergyBin network to gain new customers and pricing insights.

  • 100% ROI with just two sales deals made within two months
  • ≤ 1 Day to resell inventory posted on EnergyBin
  • 15% growth in new business leads

ATEN Solar has been an EnergyBin member since July 2017. ATEN is a solar supplier that specializes in surplus liquidation and reselling top quality PV panels, inverters, mounting hardware and other solar products at prices starting at 5% lower than other solar suppliers. Before joining EnergyBin, ATEN struggled to find a qualified lead base. After using EnergyBin, ATEN experienced:

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Repair. Resale. Recycling.

Solar Companies, learn more about EnergyBin by filling out the contact form here. We’ll be in touch to give you a live demo of our trading platform, where you can buy & sell solar equipment, connect with other members, and share secondary market intelligence. We’ll also share about exclusive networking and education opportunities that our members enjoy.