Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnergyBin?

EnergyBin is a wholesale solar B2B exchange for solar companies to buy and sell new, used, excess, refurbished and hard-to-find solar panels, inverters, racking, batteries and more at 20-70% below cost.

How does EnergyBin work?

EnergyBin connects solar companies across the supply chain in one centralized platform where buyers and sellers of solar equipment negotiate deals and share market intelligence on pricing, supply and demand.

Why should I join EnergyBin?

EnergyBin provides one centralized network of solar companies across the supply chain for you to buy and sell solar equipment at or below wholesale solar prices. Whether you are looking for bulk deals or trying to locate a hard-to-find replacement part, you save time and money as you easily access the network.

How does EnergyBin streamline my acquisition process?

EnergyBin saves you time and money by having one centralized place to access availability and pricing for solar equipment as well as access to multiple suppliers. You can send customized emails to buy or sell equipment to all members at once. You can leverage the platform to serve as a central repository for all of your RFQs, communication and correspondence with other solar companies.

How are solar equipment warranties covered?

Warranty information is clearly stated by the seller of the solar equipment. Warranty details are provided by the seller. The buyer can ask the seller for additional information and/or verify warranty information with the manufacturer or responsible party. Buyers can search and select products based on their warranty requirements.

Does EnergyBin handle transactions?

No, EnergyBin does not handle the purchase/sales transaction. We provide the platform for the listing, RFQ, and other communication to list inventory and facilitate a transaction, but the transaction itself takes place between the buyer and seller of the product(s).

Does EnergyBin charge a transaction fee?

No, EnergyBin does not assess a transaction fee. Purchasing terms are agreed upon solely between the buyer and seller.

What types of solar companies join EnergyBin?

Solar panel manufacturers and makers of solar equipment, distributors and suppliers, developers, EPCs, installers, and O&M companies are members of EnergyBin. Our members oversee projects in the residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and small-scale utility markets.

What is the criteria to be an EnergyBin member?

You must be a verified solar company that meets these qualifications:

  • Conduct business in the solar industry
  • Provide references from companies you do business with in the industry
  • Provide your business registration information
  • Complete a live interview with one of our business account managers
  • Active, professional website, with domain specific email addresses (preferred)

How do you vet/qualify EnergyBin members?

One of our business account managers personally checks references for each prospective member and works directly with the prospective member through the verification process.

Does EnergyBin offer a trial package?

Yes. To try EnergyBin for free, you would first request a demo. A business account manager will work with you to determine your buy-sell solar equipment needs and whether EnergyBin is a good fit for you. Once the verification process is complete, your business account manager can set up a trial period for you.

I’m a small business with a tight cash flow. Do I have to pay for the full annual membership upfront?

Feel free to talk to your business account manager for special package deals.

What can I list for sale on EnergyBin?

You can list any solar equipment for sale, including wholesale solar panels, inverters, micro-inverters, racking, trackers, BOS systems, energy monitoring systems, storage batteries and more – basically, anything that has to do with residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and small-scale utility solar arrays.

How do I handle uploading inventory on EnergyBin and keeping it updated?

You have several options for uploading inventory and keeping it updated. Your business account manager will work with you in facilitating the process.

What kind of cost savings can I expect by using EnergyBin for my solar equipment needs?

Solar equipment for sale on EnergyBin is listed at or below wholesale solar prices.

What happens if I purchase solar equipment from another EnergyBin member, who doesn’t deliver it or sends me the wrong product?

We suggest you first contact the seller to rectify the situation. If you are not able to arrive at a satisfactory outcome, please contact your EnergyBin account representative. Our Ethics Committee will investigate the situation and help to seek a resolution.

Can I see a demonstration of EnergyBin?

Yes, complete the form below to request a demo, and we’ll contact you to schedule the demo.

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