Frequently Asked Questions is the leading B2B member-only, community and online marketplace for the renewable energy industry that provides trusted, centralized, access to the most competitively priced renewable energy components and market intelligence, saving you time and money.
EnergyBin facilitates the brokering, movement, and commerce of new, excess, used, refurbished, and vintage renewable energy components and provides critical market intelligence.
It’s about community. Unlike the silos of today, EnergyBin provides a centralized platform for you to have access to the availability and pricing of components across the entire supply-chain so that you know you are always getting the most competitive price.
Saves time and money by having one centralized place to access availability and pricing for components and access to multiple suppliers. Can broadcast to all members at once. Can let the system serve as a central repository for all of your RFQs, communication, and correspondence.
Warranties information is clearly stated by the seller of the inventory. Details about the warrantee is provided by the seller and the buyer can ask the seller for additional information and/or verify warrantee information with the manufacturer or responsible party. Buyers can search and select products based on their warranty requirements.
No, EnergyBin does not handle the purchase/sales transaction. We provide the platform for the listing, RFQ, and other communication to list inventory and facilitate a transaction but the transaction itself takes place between the buyer and seller of the product(s).
No, we do not handle the actual transaction. This takes place outside of the platform between the buyer and seller directly so there is no transaction fee.
Solar energy manufacturers, distributors, installers, EPCs, project developers, or O&M asset managers that need to buy and sell new, excess, used, refurbished, and vintage solar energy components at the most competitive price and have access to the latest in market intelligence
You must be a verifiable solar energy manufacturer, distributor, installer, EPC, project developer, O&M asset manager or other solar industry firm.
One of our representatives personally checks references for each applicant and works directly with the applicant through the verification process.
Yes, there is a trial package available. We will announce details when the platform is launched.
Yes, we have a package for small businesses. When you apply please let your representative know that you are a small business and they will provide with you with details on the small business packages.
You can list any new, excess, used, refurbished, and vintage solar energy components
You have several options for uploading inventory and keeping it updated. Your account representative will work with you in facilitating the process and providing details.
Since the platform has not yet been released we are unable to provide this data; however, in the IT industry on our BrokerBin platform we see discounts of 20% to 70%, or more of market.
We suggest you first contact the seller to rectify the situation. If you are not able to come up with a satisfactory outcome, you may contact the EnergyBin staff. We have an ethics committee that will investigate the situation and help to seek a resolution.
Yes, please provide us with your information and we will set up a time for a representative to give you a demonstration.
We do not currently have brochures available. Please provide us with your contact information and we will let you know when one is available.
Distributors are an integral part of the EnergyBin community and receive great benefit from the platform. EnergyBin creates a symbiotic community of buyers and sellers and does not replace relationships but instead enhances communication among all parties and introduces a centralized access point to strengthen the existing network.
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