"I instantly receive quotes from multiple suppliers, which holds suppliers in the industry accountable to fair and transparent pricing."

Good Faith Energy (EPC/Developer/Installer/O&M)

"Using EnergyBin for my solar component procurement needs has shown me that there are powerful tools out there that are easy to use, will save me time and get me what I need when I want it."

Hello Solar (EPC/Developer)

"Recouping my EnergyBin membership cost was easily done within my first deal! Not only did we make a sale and a happy customer, we were able to put ourselves into a position for new business opportunities."

CED Greentech, Stroudsburg, PA (Distributor)
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Introducing EnergyBin.com
Solar Energy Online Marketplace

Why use EnergyBin.com?
(Extended Version)

Why use EnergyBin.com?
(Short Version)

About the Network

EnergyBin.com is the leading B2B member-only, community and online marketplace for the renewable energy industry that provides trusted, centralized, access to the most competitively priced renewable energy components and market intelligence, saving you time and money.

EnergyBin facilitates the brokering, movement, and commerce of new, excess, used, refurbished, and vintage renewable energy components and provides critical market intelligence. Unlike the silos of today, EnergyBin provides a centralized platform for you to have access to the availability and pricing of components across the entire supply-chain so that you know you are always getting the most competitive price.

Our members' only community is exclusively for solar manufacturers, distributors, EPCs, installers, developers, O&M asset managers, and other solar industry members. Whether you're a publicly held company or a small residential installation shop, EnergyBin can increase your profitability and efficiency.

Our unique sourcing and searching tools were designed for solar industry companies like yours. Buy, sell and research new, used and refurbished components in record time with Real Time Inventory, sortable columns, broadcasts and more!

About Us

Our mission is to create a trusted, community and marketplace for renewable energy companies across the supply-chain to gain equal access to low cost new, excess, used, and refurbished renewable energy components and market intelligence.

As an independent startup of Broker Exchange Network, LLC the world-wide leader in the IT brokerage industry, EnergyBin, LLC brings more than 14 years’ experience in the buying and selling of new, used, and refurbished IT products, a proven and reliable platform, and a highly engaged world-wide community.

Broker Exchange Network currently services over 3500 companies world-wide with more than 17,000 users of the systems. More than 16 million line items are listed with daily searches reaching almost 200,000.

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The Community

We provide a trusted community and marketplace for the solar industry by providing a thorough, pre-qualified network of members. Our membership type varies, but everyone has the same interests and goals - improving profitability.

Our members span the utility, distributed generation, and residential markets including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • EPCs
  • Installers
  • Developers
  • O&M Asset Managers

We also provide community membership to other qualified solar industry firms and experts. You can find more information about membership and joining the community here JOIN NOW.

The MarketPlace

EnergyBin is the only online marketplace for buying and selling, new, used, refurbished, and legacy solar components. We provide a robust database engine, advanced search capabilities, and world-class support. It’s the same engine that services our parent company and the IT industry with almost 200,000 searches per day, and over 16 million inventory line items listed in the system. More than 3,500 companies and 17,000+ users trust this platform for their online marketplace activities and now the same power is available to the renewable and solar industry.

  • Robust marketplace engine and database
  • Technical specifications library
  • A dedicated programming staff
  • Real staff providing live support
  • Account Managers assigned to each member company
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