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As solar brokers, you excel at networking and building relationships. You know solar pricing through and through. You are astute to your clients' needs and seek to secure solar equipment solutions that best meet their needs.

Obtain multiple quotes and expand your network on EnergyBin.

  • Network with other solar companies for new business opportunities.
  • Search for wholesale solar equipment deals and hard-to-find replacement parts.
  • Request quotes for single parts and full systems from vetted solar companies.
  • Gain insights on solar equipment real-time pricing, supply and demand.
  • List inventory for sale of solar products your clients no longer need.

Over 1,000 solar companies, including solar panel manufacturers and makers of solar equipment, distributors and suppliers, developers, EPCs, installers and O&M companies, are members of EnergyBin. Our members oversee projects in the residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and small-scale utility markets.

Join EnergyBin to build your network and access millions of solar equipment parts.

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The rapid growth of the solar industry has created new business opportunities for brokering. Many types of brokerage firms are emerging, giving solar brokers the freedom to carve their niches rooted in their areas of expertise. One particular specialty is that of the wholesale solar equipment broker.

Learn more about wholesale solar equipment brokering on our Resources page.

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