EnergyBin provides numerous benefits to everyone in the network from distributors, installers, EPCs, developers, O&M asset managers, to manufacturers. One centralized access to purchase and sell solar components of all types from new to refurbished and vintage, opens the supply-chain to everyone in the industry. Benefits include:

Most Competitively Priced Components

Our marketplaces’ listings average 20-70% less than retail prices without the need for high volume commitments. Additionally, you’ll have access to pricing of components across the entire supply-chain so that you know you’re always getting the most competitive price.

Visibility & Access to the Expanded Supply Chain

Through EnergyBin’s centralized marketplace you can quickly see components available, pricing, and the geographic location of available components. This makes it quick and easy to locate products close to your project site at the most competitive price available.

Market Intelligence

You’ll have access to supply-chain intelligence at a level never available to the industry before EnergyBin because no one else has a central repository of information about all of the solar components being listed and searched for throughout the entire supply chain on a granular level. This means you have access to market research data that can give you new perspective and depth on the needs of your customers and prospective clients.

Trusted, Centralized Marketplace Access

EnergyBin is more than a marketplace platform; it is a community of like-minded solar professionals working together to bring solar to every rooftop in America. Only vetted solar professionals are allowed membership in the community and given access to the platform. This forms a safe and trusted environment for members to communicate directly with the entire community to request or list inventory. While the EnergyBin platform serves as the hub and command center of the marketplace, it is this close-knit community that makes the marketplace work.

New Channel to Buy and Sell Products

Not only can you search for and purchase components in one centralized place, but now you have a channel dedicated to buying and selling solar components including new, used, refurbished, and legacy products. This means you have access to those hard to find components and a channel to sell excess and retiring inventory, reducing your risk of surplus inventory from volume discount commitments. And if you need access to inventory for unexpected demand, you now have a place to broadcast your request and view availability based on location.

Industry-wide Brand Exposure

EnergyBin’s special advertising features and promotions provide you with a means to reach the most active buyers and sellers in the solar industry. Your advertising message will be consistently visible to all members of the community each time they go online to purchase components. Nowhere else is your message more directly promoted across the entire supply-chain at the point of purchase.

Dedicated Platform Support and Security

Our staff is here to support you in your efforts to maximize your margins and improve your efficiency. You’ll receive:

  • Qualified, dedicated account representative
  • Escrow services available through vendor-neutral provider
  • A Peer-to-peer Feedback System
  • Ethics Committee
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